We try our best to provide our customers a range of design choices. But if still the need of the customer is not satisfied, we facilitate them with Custom designs. With this, customers have the freedom to get altered designs of our products.

Some points regarding our sampling policy:

  1. Preparation of a sample needs approx 5 days after the successful placement of the order.
  2. Samples will be provided for free to large wholesalers having an order range above 15,000 US dollars.
  3. The sample will not be free If the cost of the sample is below 500 USD.

We constantly look up to the latest trends of the market and the feedback of our customers to make a more stable product than before. Though, we welcome the suggestions from the client side so that we can improve ourselves, as there is no limit to being perfect.

It will be our pleasure if we will be able to provide you with our customized service and products specially to meet your exact requirements.

NOTE: Forgetting a customized product, a MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY (MOQ) and a MINIMUM ORDER VALUE (MOV) will have to be satisfied.

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