Automobile Furniture / Automotive Furniture

Automobile Furniture is Inspired by current or antique automobiles and other automobiles, automotive furniture or automobile furniture is made of vehicle parts or custom made.

Car Furniture India
Car furniture is inspired by new or antique cars and other vehicles and is manufactured or custom-made from car pieces. Like Ambassador Car Sofa Set Car furniture India emphasizes furniture influenced by Indian classic cars.

Automobile Furniture India

Jodhpur Trends is Jodhpur ( India ) based Automobile or Automotive Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter & Wholesaler. Our automotive themed furniture range contains ambassador car sofas, cart parts furniture, all kinds of car restaurant furniture, car sofa India, car bench, other kinds of vehicle furniture, tata truck bar, old jeep console tables, study tables, old scooter, Jodhpur taxi bar counter, event | wedding counters, cycle console & many more unique old vehicle parts furniture.

Each design is perfectly crafted and design from old parts of the automobile industry, these design not only gives your projects a unique look but surely last for a long time. Our old school auto part furniture range will surely remind you of your old-time and memories. The mix of old reclaimed & rustic wood also enhances the beauty of these old ages vehicle parts furniture handcrafted designs include car part furniture. you can check few furniture car  designs.

Automotive Furniture for Sale


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