The Weaving Rope Furniture of INDIA is gaining a lot of attention these days. This type of furniture is recently in high demand in our country and other countries of the world. The rope is the latest material and seems to be here to stay in the furniture industry. “JODHPUR TRENDS” is Jodhpur INDIA-based Indian Woven Rope Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter. Here, we are introducing our latest collection of rope furniture for our customers. So now you can include this current trend of Weaved Rope Furniture into your space. A rope is an exciting material to use for furniture because the possibilities are endless in rope-made furniture. We can create highly contrasting looks, all from one type of material. Weaving Rope furniture is useful in both decorative and structural applications. In addition to being decorative, our great local artisans choose one of several ways in the manufacturing of rope furniture such as braiding, knotting, weaving, or warping. A rope is a flexible and strong material and can be used with other materials to give the pieces breathtaking looks. If you choose furniture that has woven rope on it, you will find endless styles, looks, and colors to choose from. So if you are looking for a groovy look at your house, restaurant, hotel, or any other place, your search will end here. Yes! You are on the right furniture site for buying WEAVED ROPE FURNITURE. We design and fabricate furniture focusing on new patterns. It is also called an eco-friendly option in the furniture category. Our Cane Furniture is manufactured with the finest quality of raw material and is very durable. We have an amazing collection of various categories that can be used to serve different purposes.


On our online store, there are plenty of options in ROPE FURNITURE to select and buy. You can see lots of shapes, sizes, and looks. So it will be a piece of cake to find a finish and design which piece will fit in your surroundings. Our great local artisan team has manufactured these Profoundly versatile and gorgeous pieces of Rope that provide a statement-making ambiance to the environment. You will see various categories of rope furniture on our online store like Rope Chairs( armchair, lounge chair, dining chair, patio chair, back chair, bar chair), Benches ( both of long and small length ), Sofas ( single and multi seater), Tables(bedside tables, coffee tables, dining tables), Bar setup(chair, table, and stools ), etc. Our beautifully handcrafted Rope furniture has lots of characteristics some of them are mentioned below:

  • All types of rope furniture are offered at a pocket-friendly rate on our online store
  • Each product features a different style like thick, chunky, sleek, and shiny
  • All products are easy to move as extremely light in weight
  • A long-lasting and durable pieces 
  • Will give a beautiful INDIAN ETHNIC TOUCH to the surroundings
  • Rope furniture is an eco-friendly furniture
  • Since made from Rope, supports local artisans thus buying rope made furniture supports the local economy
  • Highly resistant to all types of weather including heavy winds and rain


We assure you that “JODHPUR TRENDS” would be the best destination for buying if you buy from us because you will get not only the product of top-notch quality but also a perfect decor theme that will surely match your interior decor and a dreamy one for your customers if you buy in bulk for reselling purpose. Apart from the great range of ROPE FURNITURE that we have manufactured, we also provide our customers with bespoken or customization facilities. Timely delivery of the furniture pieces would be ensured by us so that you will surely enjoy the convenience of shopping from us in every possible way. We have introduced easy payment also so that you never feel difficult or unsatisfied while shopping from us. So what are you waiting for? Just visit our online store and choose the best piece from our unique collections of INDIAN WEAVING ROPE FURNITURE and enjoy the shopping experience with us.


With “JODHPUR TRENDS” you can make all of your dreams of buying ideal furniture come true. So just dive once into the ocean of our HANDCRAFTED INDIAN FURNITURE and you will amazed after seeing various collections. We offer a wide variety of products which includes Industrial furniture| vintage industrial furniture | retro furniture | rustic look furniture | antique reclaimed furniture | hotel, bar, restaurant, villas furniture | tent furniture | commercial & contract furniture | hospitality furniture | Retro Interior Decor Furniture | Custom-Made Rustic Furniture for Businesses and so many different categories of furniture. We provide an excellent range of furniture at affordable prices. So stop thinking too much about where to buy furniture of your needs, just explore our wide range of furniture and choose the best suitable one.

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