Frequently Asked Questions

Q. what are the advantages of ordering a container?

A. A good amount of money can be saved by ordering a container load with proper required specifications.



Q. What are the sizes of the container available?

A. Containers are available in the sizes of 20 to 40 feet’s. Shipping of which is done to UAE, US, Australia, and many other countries. The normal delivery time of the container is 45 to 60 days after the confirmation of the order.


Q. Procedure of ordering a container?

A. The procedure of ordering a container is very simple. You just have to go through items displayed on the website. Make a list of chosen items that you wish to buy, add their “item code” and quality of product in the list, and send the same to us by E-mail or select the product into your cart and submit with require information. After receiving the list, a confirmation letter will be sent to you mentioning the lead time and the total cost of your order. Looking the received letter, you can make the required changes and mail the list back to us for the full and final order.


Q. What can be the content of the container?

A. We provide our customer, the freedom of choosing the content of the container independently, just send us the list of items needed by you, even of it is not there in our website, we will try our best to provide you with the same.


Q. Can a container have different product lines mixed in one?

A. Sure! The different product line chosen from our selection of furniture, accessories or reproductions etc can be included in a single container.


Q. Are the preloaded containers available?

A. Yes! But, the availability of preloaded container depends on different occasions. Please contact us on our E-mail for the query of availability of any such container.


Q. How safe is the content of the container?

A. To keep the content of the container safe, we go through a sequence of safety measures while packaging a container.

Like to protect the corner of the products, water-resistant foam is used. After this, a single sided corrugated cardboard is kept to en-safe the product from shocks and jerks during the shipment. And finally, the whole set is wrapped in bubble sheet.


Q. Do the JODHPUR TRENDS ship in my country?

A. As mentioned above, including the countries like UAE, UK, USA, EUROPE, Australia, we ship all over the world.


Q. At what time do I have to pay for the container?

A. Payment is to be made in two parts. Initially, a deposit of 30 to 40% is required for the confirmation of the order. After this, the goods will be ready to stuff from the district dry port. After the payment of the rest of the amount, Original bill will be handed over to you.


Q. What if I receive a damaged container?

A. There may be various situations of a damaged container delivery. The damage case will be handled, depending on the situations. However, deficient packaging and manufacturing defect will be covered by us.


Q. What if the quality of container’s content are not up to the mark?

A. The claim regarding the quality of container’s content must be made within 7 days of receipt of the same. We reserve the right to reject the claim, based on the possible discrepancy found in claiming documents. Only for the total cost more than 5% of the total value of container, complaints shall be accepted.


Q. What if the customer is not able to take possession of the delivered container?

A. If the customer is not able to take possession of the delivered container (at the mentioned address) (no matter what the reason may be) then he/she will be responsible for the payment of shipment and other costs and charges included.


Q. Any discount schemes?

A. The more you order, the more you get. The discount can range from 5 to 10%.


Q. Do the JODHPUR TRENDS guarantee’s about the packaging and shipping?

A. We guarantee the adequate packaging and shipping of the container. We also provide the facility of Shipping Insurance to our customers.


Q. How are the orders and payments confirmed?

A. An advance deposit of 30-40% of the total cost is to be made by the customer in order to get the order confirmed. The remaining amount should be paid before stuffing container from the Jodhpur dry port. The accepted way of the payment includes: Letter of credits (LOC) and Wire transfer. Indian Clients should contact us to know more about the available payment options.


Q. My query is not here in FAQ?

A. For any kind of queries regarding any of our service or product, please contact us via Email.

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