dining table

  • This Garden Table have been adding style to dining spots from bistros to backyards. Each Design is solidly build of iron and add a comfort. Product Details :
    • Product : Garden Table | Handicrafts Company In Jodhpur
    • Product Code : JTINTdt1090
    • Content : 60x60x75  H C.M
    • Used Material : Mango Wood
    • Colour :  Multicolor
    • C.B.M : 0.27
    • For Price Information Please email or call us
    • Use : Dining Furniture | Handicrafts Company In Jodhpur
  • Jodhpur ( India ) is famous for it's blue houses and it's handicrafts around the world. Jodhpur Handicrafts contain handcrafted furniture from Jodhpur, which exported on a large volume every year and creates hundreds of jobs in city. Jodhpur Trends is the pioneer manufacturer & supplier of handcrafted furniture from Jodhpur. We have some of the largest handcrafted furniture range in Jodhpur India. Like mention above this tata bar counter truck is totally handmade art work from skilled artisans. The front look of this counter is inspire by famous truck of tata industries and can see every city of india. The front has been painted from blood red and back in black gives you a perfect contrast color combination to every room you put into. Back has multiple iron section and a mango wood drawer to keep everything you want. A sideboard, Console, Reception counter or a Bar counter, you can use this multinational handcrafted piece everywhere for your business furniture need. The functional front two lights & two orange indicator add extra charm on the beauty of this wonderful design. Bottom four wheels gives you an access for easy transportation too. Product Details :
    • Product : Industrial Truck Counter | Jodhpur Handicrafts
    • Product Code : JTINTwk1004
    • Content : 244x47x166 H C.M
    • Used Material : Iron + Wooden
    • Colour :  Multicolor
    • C.B.M : 1.90
    • For Price Information Please email or call us
    • Use : Indian Handicrafts  | Jodhpur Handicrafts


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