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“JODHPUR TRENDS” is a well-known Jodhpur INDIA-based Rope Chairs Manufacturer & Exporter. Here we are offering the widest range of Rope Chairs for homes, Restaurants & Hotels. It is an INDIAN FURNITURE company, sincerely working in the furniture industry for a long time. We are exporting our products in the country and worldwide with the best quality and proper customer satisfaction. The rope is an exciting material to use for manufacturing various types of chairs because the possibilities are endless. We can create highly contrasting looks,  from this one type of material. In addition to being decorative, our great local artisans choose one of several ways in the manufacturing of rope chairs such as braiding, knotting, weaving, or warping. A rope is a flexible and strong material and can be used with other materials to give the pieces breathtaking looks. Woven rope gives a much softer appearance to the chairs. Before the existence of modern technology-based manufacturing processes of furniture, woven rope played a vital role also in our daily lives, as it made it easier to have sturdy materials for transporting goods. Baskets made up of rope were used for transporting goods and a nautical rope was used to secure the things. If you want to buy a chair made from rope you will find an endless amount of styles, looks, and colors to choose from. So, nowadays rope furniture is a very popular material in furniture categories.


On our online store, we offer woven rope furniture that has special characteristics of affordability, great comfort, style, and long-lasting durability. Since we have a myriad collection of cane chairs we are sure you’ll easily find a stunning piece of a chair as per your taste and preference and it will give you a super comfortable sitting with a perfect decor theme in your surroundings. Woven rope chair is not only a new trend in furniture, but it can also be highly personalized to individual tastes. These types of chairs are comfortable to sit in and maintain good body postures. Woven rope chair is an elegant furniture style that is sure to upgrade the look of your outdoor space. Our great local artisans have made the type of chairs that are useful in both decorative and structural applications. We have a great range in which you will see rope chairs in combination with premium quality of wood and also of iron that can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas.  Our beautifully handcrafted Rope chairs have lots of characteristics some of them are mentioned below:

  •  All Rope Chairs offered  at a pocket-friendly rate on our online store
  • Each product features a different style like thick, chunky, sleek, and shiny
  •  All types of chairs are easy to move from one place to another as extremely light in weight
  • A long-lasting and durable piece
  • Will give a beautiful INDIAN ETHNIC TOUCH to the area
  • Give you the most comfortable and cozy sitting 
  • An eco-friendly product
  • Since made from Rope, supports local artisans thus buying rope chairs supports the local economy

Blend with any type of decor

  • Highly resistant to all types of weather including heavy winds and rain


Once you shop from “JODHPUR TRENDS” you will feel amazed and make your dream come true by buying ideal rope furniture for your indoor and outdoor places. We have been a globally recognized & trusted company in the furniture industry for a long time which offers various industrial, rustic, cane, rope, and many more various categories of furniture. You will find many perks after buying, like:


We understand our customer’s needs, thus offering a type of furniture that will surely match the style, interior, and design according to the prevalent trade.


                                                    If you want to customize the furniture as per your needs & preferences, we are here to fulfill your demand. So along with the standardized range, we also offer customization so as to meet the specific requirement of clients.


                                       We have introduced multiple easy payment methods for our customers to make their financial transactions with us, convenient and hassle-free. So you don’t have to think before making the payment.


                   We take every order as our priority and understand how important it is for our customers. To take every concern of our priority we hired a customer care support team that will always be there for you regarding any query or support

  • How about living life with the feel of nature by using natural furniture in everyday life. ”JODHPUR TRENDS” a Jodhpur (INDIA) based Rope Furniture manufacturer & exporter company brings you the choice of relaxing into the lap of Nature. Here, we are representing our latest & unique piece of Rope made Restaurant chairs. It is an exquisitely designed piece keeping in mind the Indian traditional and cultural look along with cozy and convenient sitting. This ingenious piece is crafted from natural rosewood and has a natural finish on it. The chair has a cotton rope weaving work on it and the seat of the chair is woven with hand-twisted cotton rope with a combination of white and black color in a beautiful mash design. Cotton Rope is Stretchy and relatively flexible as compared to a rope made from Jute, Manila, or Sisal so being weaved with cotton rope, will give your customers the most comfortable and cozy sitting. This exquisite piece of furniture can be used in the outdoor area in restaurants and fine dine as well as the Indoor, not only in lounges or living rooms but also in gardens. This design is completely handwoven by our team of skilled craftsmen. Restaurant furniture needs to be cleaned and maintained in fresh condition, several times in a single day. Therefore the rope chairs must not get affected by frequent conditioning. So this chair is easy to maintain and can stay the same for long years with proper maintenance. So just make a purchase of this exceptional piece of restaurant chair that will help you to transform the entire ambiance of your restaurant.
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  • In the era of modernization,” JODHPUR TRENDS” is here to understand all your needs. It is an INDIAN ROPE FURNITURE manufacturer, exporter & supplier company that allows you to create a distinctive space with its stylish, comfortable, and design-oriented pieces of furniture. Here, we represent our  ROPE WEAVING DINING CHAIR which is intricately crafted from natural solid acacia wood. The seat of the chair is woven with hand-twisted cotton rope with a combination of white and black color in a beautiful mash design. Cotton Rope is Stretchy and relatively flexible as compared to a rope made from Jute, Manila, or Sisal so being weaved with cotton rope will give the most comfortable and cozy sitting. The chair's tall acacia frame is balanced with leg supports to give comfort during dining time. These sturdy and tapered legs make the structure of the chair firm and resilient. Relaxed and contented, this woven rope chair feels just right for the dining time so that anybody can enjoy the meal hours. The low slung back of the chair gives a visual charm to the structure and a breezy comfortable sitting to anyone. It's a popular choice for small space in the dining area and gives a fantastic look and can fit in anywhere. The look of the chair is a mix of traditional Indian style which is very approachable that will make your home dining space elegant. The simplistic design of the chair makes it worth pairing with several other wooden dining tables. If you want then you can use a comfortable cushion also for sitting on it. You can use this fantastic dining chair in fine dining, restaurant, and in your home dining room. So just transform your dining area interior with our exclusive dining set in which top-notch quality is guaranteed.
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