Industrial furniture India: Untapped collection never ever seen


Industrial furniture India concentrates on interiors industries which are built on traditional craft skills since hundreds of years ago. The furniture market can be broadly categorised into four categories

  • Domestic
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Furniture parts

Domestic furniture accounts for 60 per cent of the production value, whilst Industrial furniture India represents 20 per cent, hotel furniturerepresents 15 per cent and furniture parts 5 per cent.

According to the survey, furniture industry growth is 28% every year. A large part of this growth is expected to come from the rapidly growing consumer markets of India, implying significant potential for growth in the Indian furniture sector.

Industrial furniture India: Bar Chair

Bar chair is made up of iron or steel in order to bend according to any shape what you require or what you expect, it mainly depend on you.  Bar chair is suitable for coffee shop, bars. Outside of your home any place.

Industrial furniture India: Black Chair

Black Chair is made up of iron or steel coated with black color. It is suitable for small restaurants, hotels, It looks a very cool as compare to all other type of chairs. There surface is flat and circle shaped. You can see in vintage old houses these types of Chairs.

Industrial furniture India: Classic Chair

Classic chair is very old type Chair, now again It comes again, It suits any type of mechanical or automobile industry. Because it’s easy to handle and easy to shift. so normally all industry Peoples having their own Classic Chairs.

Industrial furniture India: Color Full Chair

This is painted chair, Pink color so it’s simply called as color full chair. It suits for small industries small scale cottage industries. Its leg is very thick at top and thin at bottom means ground level. Surface is flat, and you can take a rest while you are having a free time industry. Now a days it’s very rare as compare to olden days of industry revolution.

Industrial furniture India : Hotel Chair

Hotel Chair is mainly made it for restaurants and hotels It. According to hotel or Restaurant enviournment It suits and well attached. So rather than purchasing other industry related chairs Hotel furniture only best. Its leg is thick, bended and together all four leg is connected with one circle of iron. Surface is flat with circle shaped very comfortable to sit and having a tea or coffee or breakfast It depends on you what would like to have in hotel.


Industrial furniture India: Industrial leather sofa

Industrial leather sofa is made up of pure genuine leather It is suited for one person to sit comfortable manner. It is suite for medium and large scale industries, they purchase these kind of Leather Sofa, Because leather is very costly as compare to other things like cushions usually this sofa is made up of wood only in the surface of wood leather is coated or stick neatly.

Industrial furniture India: Industrial Sofa

Industrial sofa is suited for medium and large scale industries for having meeting and taking rest for employees it is made up of cushions so its very soft as compare to all other Sofa. It has four thick legs surface is not exactly flat. By side as well as behind is also molded to round shape for comfortable purpose.

Industrial furniture India: Industrial Bed

Industrial bed is suited for industry as well as home also it is made up of wooden and Iron It as cushions bed for sleeping and cushion pillows. Bed surface is flat and at the behind one flat horizontal board to positioned to pillow and head. It has mainly four thick legs with wheel its easy to move any where you want to position.

Industrial furniture India: Industrial Vintage Bed

Vintage industrial bed is very olden type of bed with flat surface and at the one end you can get molded bar for laying head or pillow to take rest. You can use cushion bed in that flat surface. It has four strong legs with wheels for easy moving to any place because it has heavy weighted.

Industrial furniture India:Growth

The Indian furniture industry is turnover of 4700 Core per year. The market owns the share of Rs.50 Core as per the recent survey by Google. The industry grows by 25 per­cent in upcoming years.

The furniture industry has become a great pride for the India. to hold a magnificent impact for its fine arts and marvel­lous works . The foreign market feels impressed and confident as the Indian furniture companies like Jodhpur Trends


Industrial furniture India: Factors Influencing growth of the furniture Industry

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Interior designers

Industrial furniture India: Furniture market in 2022

The year 2022 is a long time in human life, But tomorrow in economic times. Foresee the future is pure hard science. The economic and cultural scenario to foresee the impacts on micro-markets and segments of the Furniture industry, so can invest in confidence.


By analyzing tens of mega brands and have tried to capture the essence of the foreseeable changes which impact either the manufacturing or the retail end of our Industrial furniture in the next 10 to 15 years. From Economy to culture, have looked at what will contribute to change our lives tomorrow.

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